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Objectives of the position: The Nurse Manager oversees the provision of patient care and medical services operations and performs patient care, under the license and direction of the
Medical Director (MD).

Reports to: Executive Director and Medical Director
Supervises: All volunteer staff assisting the program
Status: Part-time/14 Hours a week
Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  2. Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of all human life.
  3. Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to sexual purity.
  4. Agree with and uphold the Statement of Faith, Code of Christian Conduct, the Vision and Mission Statements.
  5. Must possess a current nursing license and function in accordance with the licensing board of their state.
  6. Ideally, have two years of experience in a pregnancy center or OB/GYN office.
  7. Exhibit strong interpersonal and administrative skills.
  8. Demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of pregnancy, abortion, and related health issues.

Essential Functions: Perform the following duties in accordance with existing medical policies and procedures under the authority and direction of the Medical Director.

  1. Patient Care
    ● Provide clinical services in accordance with level of expertise and training
    ● Thoroughly explain all medical consent forms to patients, and answer questions prior to providing any medical services.
    ● Document patient care in chart and properly maintain and archive patient medical records.
    ● Provide patient with health education (pregnancy decision options, STIs, etc.), referrals for medical care/follow-up, and other pertinent community referrals.
    ● Review patient record for completeness (all necessary forms present) and signatures
    ● Conduct phone follow-up with patients, as indicated.
    ● Discuss clinical questions, as needed, with the MD.
    ● Meet with MD regularly (at least monthly) for ongoing clinical supervision and guidance.
    ● Provide Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds (not needed at this time, but maybe a possibility in the future)
    ● Provide support to the other medical staff, including chaperoning.
  2. Medical Services Operations
    ● Assure accurate implementation of MD’s orders.
    ● Audit patient records quarterly.
    ● Maintain staff medical records.
    ● Provide in-service education to staff, as needed.
    ● Implement clinic policies and procedures (P&P), including compliance with OSHA, CLIA, privacy practices, and infection control.
    ● Conduct annual review of P&P and infection control regulations in conjunction with the MD.
    ● Orient new medical staff to clinic duties and responsibilities, and provide ongoing supervision to any nurses, medical assistants, or phlebotomists.
    ● Conduct annual evaluations of nurses, nurse assistants, medical assistants, etc.
    ● Coordinate medical staff schedules.
    ● Ensure that medical equipment is properly operated and maintained.
    ● Conduct regular medical supply inventory and ensure that the clinic is properly stocked.
    ● Ensure proper disinfection of medical equipment and the exam room.
    ● In conjunction with the Medical Director, ensure the OSHA orientation of all new personnel, annual refreshers, and monitor facility compliance.
  3. Emergencies
    ● Follow guidelines for responding to emergencies and unusual ultrasound findings as specified in the P&P manual.
  4. Continuing Education:
    ● Maintain active nursing license.
    ● Comply with state and professional continuing education requirements.
    ● Maintain CPR certification.
    ● Obtain and maintain additional certifications as requested (e.g. limited obstetrical ultrasound examinations (if needed), childbirth instructor, HIV counseling, STD certification).

The Nurse Manager receives an annual evaluation by the Medical Director regarding medical matters and an evaluation by the Executive Director regarding center operational matters.

Interest applicants can email their resumes to

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