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Not Sure About Your Results?

Have you taken a home pregnancy test? What did the test reveal: positive, negative or you are not quite sure how to read the test results? We provide free pregnancy testing so you can be sure. Our pregnancy test provides for rapid qualitative determination of the pregnancy hormone to aid in the early detection of pregnancy.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Pregnancy tests work by detecting a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in your body. HCG is a necessary hormone for pregnancy. This hormone is responsible for helping the uterus lining thicken to sustain a growing embryo. HCG also tells the body to stop menstruation as it switches into pregnancy mode. 

If you suspect you’re pregnant, it’s essential to know the proper time to take a pregnancy test in order to get an accurate result.

When Should I Test?

For the most accurate results, wait until the first day of your expected period. This time will help give hCG levels time to build up and be detected by the pregnancy test.

The time of day is also important. Even though a test may be taken at any point, hCG levels are more concentrated in the morning, during the first urination of the day. Testing at this time can possibly help avoid false negative tests. 

To confirm your pregnancy results, it’s best to receive a pregnancy test and ultrasound with a medical professional. False negative home pregnancy tests can occur, and though rare, false positives can occur due to faulty tests.

What’s If It’s Positive?

Once you receive a positive pregnancy test with our medical team, if you qualify, you can schedule a free ultrasound. Ultrasounds are provided at A Pregnancy Center and Clinic to confirm your pregnancy, to detect fetal cardiac activity, and to determine estimated gestational age.

We will also provide information to you regarding the pregnancy option of your choice. Schedule a pregnancy testing appointment today.

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Is Adoption for Me?

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Do I Need An Ultrasound?

If you received a positive pregnancy test and your results are confirmed, an ultrasound is needed. Ultrasounds provide crucial information about your health, well-being, and options for your pregnancy in the decision process.